2005 Gerber Golf League Scoring, Handicapping and Rules

2005 Rules committee = Ray MacQueen, Barry Gray, Lynn Wytas


Matches are played at both stroke and match play, with handicaps considered.  Points that are awarded go to the player’s team.  A player scores a point for each hole he wins in match play, halved holes give each player a half point.  The player who records the lowest net score wins three points; a tie here wins each one and a half points.


The season will be played in two halves, with the winner of the first half playing the winner of the second half for the league championship.



The highest handicap recognized is 25.  After a scorecard is turned in it will be adjusted as follows for handicapping purposes only.  Handicaps will fall into one of the five categories and the worst scores are listed after the category:


                Handicap                               Worst allowed on Score Card

                0-5                                           1 Double Bogey, 8 Bogies

                6-10                                         5 Double Bogies, 4 Bogies

                11-15                                       1 Triple Bogey, 8 Double Bogies

                16-20                                       4 Triple Bogies, 5 Double Bogies

                21-25                                       9 Triple Bogies


The computer record will be run off each week showing ACTUAL and ADJUSTED scores and the new handicap.


A first time player does not compete against an opponent, but can win points on the basis of his own gross score as follows:  *The points structure was modified on 4/25/05 per 2005 captains meeting.

















52 & higher


















A player with an established handicap who faces a first time opponent, or who is unopposed, wins points according to his net score as follows:


Net Score:              34    35    36    37    38 and higher

Points:                    10      9     8       7     6


Handicaps will be calculated based on your last five scores only as follows:

(Total of Last 5 Adjusted Scores – Total Par for Last 5 Rounds) / 5 = Handicap

The fractional part of the handicap will be dropped, i.e. an 8.8 handicap will become an 8.


Players with a previous handicap will use that handicap on a weighted basis for the first five rounds.  (i.e. after 3 rounds your previous handicap counts as an additional 2 rounds)


Rules of Play:

The rules of the USGA govern all play, with the only exceptions per the current course scorecard or as modified in the following areas to speed play:

A.      PREFERED LIE:  Ball may be “rolled-over” in your own fairway only not more than 6-inches.  Fairway is the defined as the short cut grass area between the Tee box and the front of the green.  The first cut of grass surrounding the green is not considered fairway.  If your ball rests anywhere off the fairway you must play it as it lies.

B.       OUT-OF-BOUNDS: Take a drop anywhere along the path the ball took out of bounds. Take one stroke penalty. No loss of distance.

C.       LOST BALL: Take a drop as near to where it was lost as possible on the line of flight. Take one stroke penalty. No loss of distance.  Please limit search time to 5 Minutes Max.

D.      UNPLAYABLE: At a penalty of one stroke, a player may deem his/her ball to be unplayable.  Drop within two club lengths no nearer to the hole OR Keep the unplayable lie between where you drop the ball and the pin and go back as far as you wish (keeping Pin, unplayable lie and dropped ball in a straight line) OR Drop along line of flight of ball as far back as you want.

E.       GROUND UNDER REPAIR:  Free lift to nearest point of relief not nearer the hole.  Ground Under Repair rule shall apply where posted AS WELL AS whenever agreed between you and opponent (rocky ground, etc.)  If player is unopposed, determination can be made by partner’s opponent.



Incomplete Matches:

Regular matches that are not completed because of weather and/or darkness shall be handled as followed:

A.      If any team has not completed at least six holes then the entire round is “washed out” and is rescheduled to the following week with all remaining matches pushed back a week.

B.       If all teams have played six or more holes, it shall be considered a completed match.  Points for unplayed holes will be split. The 3 points for net score will be awarded based on holes actually played – however, stroke differential will be reduced by any stroke holes not played. For example, Player B is getting 4 strokes and playing the back nine (stroke holes are 13,14,15,17).  Play is stopped after playing hole 16.  Player B will total holes actually played and deduct only 3 strokes (representing the stroke holes actually played) and compare against Player A’s stroke total.  For Handicapping purposes scores will be filled in for any unplayed holes based on a player’s handicap.  For example, a 9 handicap will receive bogey for all unplayed holes, whereas a 5 handicap will receive bogey on any hole remaining that is among the 5 most difficult for that nine and par on any other holes.

C.       Except in the case of lightning, weather/darkness play can only be stopped my consent of BOTH players of a given match.  Any player who walks off without consent of his opponent may be subject to the walk off rule (see below).  The rules committee will make this determination.  The EXCEPTION to this rule is lightning; in which case any player may (and should) chose to leave the course.

D.      Walking Off:  If a player walks off without completing the match he will lose all remaining holes and will lose the 3 points awarded for net score.



Rainout Rules: The round may be called off by THURSDAY at 3:00 PM on a ruling of the league president. Check the Website at www.gerbergolfleague.com for Rainouts. If the League is not called off at 3:00 pm, GET YOUR TEAM TO THE COURSE! The decision to play will be decided at the course by the president.  If President is not present Vice-President will make determination.



Disputes/Problems/Rule changes: All disputes, problems, and rule change proposals will be resolved by majority vote of the rules committee.  If a dispute occurs during course of play, let the player play as he sees fit, but raise the objection to all in the group before teeing of on the next hole.  The objection must be brought to the attention of a rules committee member at the completion of the round.  If no member is available write “protest” on the card.

2004 rules committee. Ray MacQueen, Barry Gray, Lynn Wytas



Tie Breaker for Position Weeks: If 2 or more teams are tied at the end of position week; the team’s regular season finishing positions will be the 1st tiebreaker. (Team 4 and Team 6 are tied after position week; Team 4 finished the regular season in 2nd place and Team 6 in 3rd place, there for Team 4 wins Position week based on there higher regular season finishing position.)

If the team were tied at the end of the regular season, then their Head to head weekly match results for that half

will be the 2nd tiebreaker.

If they’re still tied then the 3rd tiebreaker will be matching cards for the Position week as follows:

1st - A vs. A

2nd - B vs. B

3rd - C vs. C

4th - D vs. D



Tie Breaker for Championship Week: If the teams are tied at the end of Championship week;

The 1st tiebreaker is their Head to head weekly match results for the 2nd half.

The 2nd tiebreaker is their Head to head weekly match results for the 1st half.

If they’re still tied then the 3rd tiebreaker will be matching cards for the Championship week as follows:

1st - A vs. A

2nd - B vs. B

3rd - C vs. C

4th - D vs. D




Team Rosters: There is no limit to the size of team rosters. Team rosters are frozen at the conclusion of the 4th week of play for each half. Roster changes for the 2nd half can be made at the conclusion of the 1st half Position Round.

Team members must play a minimum of 2 rounds per half to be eligible for the playoffs, if not they will be

considered a substitute for the playoffs.



Substitute Players: During regular match play, a team may use no more than three substitutes in a team match. It is NOT allowable to use members from another team. A new member playing his first league match (has no established league handicap) can be paired at the discretion of his team captain. During Position weeks and the Championship week a team can use a substitute, but the substitute will forfeit the 3 points for his/her Net Match.


Team No Show: In the event an entire team no-shows (by definition less than one rostered player present, the team present plays as a foursome and turns in their scorecards in the normal manner. The no-show team forfeits and receives 0 points for that week.


Late Player Arrival at Coarse: Added 04/26/05

It was motioned that a procedure be put in place for late player arrivals.

This was a problem on more than one occasion in 2004 and players that arrived on time were penalized by having to wait for the late player(s).


The waiting group will allow the next group that is ready to play through on the first tee.  The waiting group will allow only one group through and will wait for only one t-time (8 minutes) for the late player(s).  If the player(s) has/have not arrived by such mentioned time, the remaining players of the group will tee off.  If the late player(s) shows up, he/they will be instructed to join the group on the coarse at whichever hole the group is currently playing on.  Any holes that were missed and not played by the late player(s) will be scored as loss of hole (point goes to opponent) plus 1 stroke added to his opponents score for that hole for calculating the rounds total score for the 3 points.


Have Fun: Forgetting all the above for a moment, let's not forget to have a fun year. Let's all resolve to play at a reasonable speed, observe the rules of golf etiquette i.e. no club throwing tantrums etc.!, and keep it a gentlemen's and ladies game...win, lose, or draw. See you all at the course!